Carousel to Warhorse 30th April - 31st May 2015

Flamboyant Talent and Luminous Flannel Flower

My work explores relationships between horses and humans where I adopted a symbolic language of decorative elements. Colour form and stylised plant and floral motifs combine with sprigs, bound tails and plaited manes, ideas taken from the rules of equitation, to develop my these equine forms.

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Carousel to Warhorse Opening Sat 2nd May 2015

The influence of the horse in history and today from Fantasy to Dressage

Carousel to Warhorse

The term carousel is from the 11th century. The equine qualities of poise, balance and strength led Turkish and Arabian horsemen to train them for military use. Initially only used by royalty and hidden behind fortress walls, the combat preparation exercise and game called carousel was developed to train war horses. The term was coined by the Crusaders from the Spanish carosella or ?little war?. We now know it as dressage, the equestrian ballet where natural movement is the foundation of training and tact and empathy are used rather than force?. ...

Dark Night Shining Bright

The Cube display

"Dark Night Shining Bright" by SueFraser
1 December to 30 December 2014 at The Art CUBE, Foyer, Byron Shire Council, Mullumbimby ...

Pieces of Eight

I have made two groups of eight horses in sculptural form. In the past power and wealth was acquired by conquest on horseback by those with the most swift and powerful steads. Today, in China, horses are auspicious symbols of economic prosperity often depicted as eight together in sculptures and painting. My horses bound and gambol on carousels and fly through the air, symbols of currency and good fortune.



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Sue Fraser_ Blue Chrysanthemums at Ceramic Museum Korea

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