Carousel to Warhorse 30th April - 31st May 2015

Flamboyant Talent and Luminous Flannel Flower

My work explores relationships between horses and humans where I adopted a symbolic language of decorative elements. Colour form and stylised plant and floral motifs combine with sprigs, bound tails and plaited manes, ideas taken from the rules of equitation, to develop my these equine forms.

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Carousel to War Horse


Carousel to War Horse II

Club Mullum Art Space October 2016

Training horses for close combat.
The Waler was the chosen mount for Australian Light Horsemen. This exhibition, Carousel to Warhorse, presents a small tribute to the Waler and the part it played in Australian war time history. Carosella (little war) or carousel as it has evolved today developed from the ancient art of training horses for combat. Over time it has evolved into the equestrian art of Dressage, one of the three disciplines within Three Day Eventing, first a military competition and now an Olympic discipline


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On line article by Louise Fulton a comprehensive on line publication by Candida Baker and her team for Byron and Beyond.

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